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sodaDaras Corner Markets are more than just your neighborhood gas station! 

We're also a full-fledged grocery retailer, which means that we can carry a wide variety of products for grocery store pricing!

So the next time you need sauerkraut at 9pm and don't want to drive all the way to the nearest grocery store, know that you can get your pickled cabbage craving fixed right away....

...at Dara's Corner Market!



Dara's Corner Market has changed the way Manhattan thinks about their gas stations!  Come on in to find everything from canned goods, to frozen Call Hall Ice Cream, to fresh baked pastries, to fruit!

And you WON'T pay typical convenience store prices like you will at other locations.  So come on in before your picnic... Pick up some plates, forks, ketchup, and relish...  Knowing that you won't pay double like at other places!



Providing everything from Cinnobabies® and breakfast pizzas to hot wings and calzones, Hot Stuff foods is the best of convenience and great taste!

Check out our map to find out which locations offer Hot Stuff!


Taco Casa has been providing Manhattan with great Mexican flavor for years at our Dara's location on Ft. Riley Boulevard!

Come in and try our burritos, Nachos, and more!


Slushies aren't just for summer anymore!  With many of our locations offering multiple delicious flavors, you can be a kid again, and mix & match to your heart's content!

Check out our map to find out which locations offer Slushies!

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